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What we Repair Pidion Rugged PDA Repair

Welcome to Rugged Rescue!

Where Rugged PDA's and Smartphones get treated with respect!

Fast repairs with great service.

Typical repair turn around 3 days.

What we repair

Rugged PDA's, Rugged Smartphones, iPhones/iPods

Rugged Tablets, iPads

Portable printers.

Brands we repair

We've been repairing for years and we're doing it for more and more brands.

Bringing superb support to innovative Korean brands like Pidion, Gen2Wave and Sewoo...

...and great value, fast repairs to brands like Motorola or Apple.

Motorola ES400 Repairs.......Easy!

The ES400 might have been discontinued but we're still repairing them!

Unbeatable turn-around times for out of warranty Motorola ES400 repairs

Superb prices, fast service with genuine parts.

Use us on your terms!

Buy from our partner resellers and get full Warranty services for your devices.

Comprehensive and managed services, Mobile device management supported.

Firmware, OS and difficult issues.

Adhoc repairs are always welcome!

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