Rugged Rescue has closed

6 Months goes pretty quickly, but that's the time that's passed since we alerted everyone that Rugged Rescue, along with Rugged and Mobile was going to be shut down and today we have closed both businesses with immediate effect.

I'm really proud of the team I have here who over the years have and continue to deliver some exceptional work, some that has disrupted the market place substantially. We're living on, doing what we feel gives us more purpose and meaning than reselling and repairing and we're all happy to be moving on to what we feel is a happier world for us.

What will happen to my support?
If you are under warranty or still under support contract with us then you're covered and you will have been notified. If you are out of warranty then please contact the manufacturer of your kit to arrange your support elsewhere.

I am out of warranty with you, but surely you can just fix my device?
We no longer have the ability to buy parts to perform repairs on most brands now so we're unable to repair your kit even if we wanted to. We have made arrangements for those who purchased support contracts but we can't for those without.

Have you gone bankrupt or has your business failed or something like that?
On the contrary, we were and still are a healthy little company. We decided as a co-operative that we wanted our business to be more purposeful and reselling was not giving us that purpose. We've not failed, we're just moving on to the next thing and decided to create and work on our own products, not other peoples.

Is there anyone I can talk to about your decision?
With the greatest respect we've got a lot to do and we're too busy to chew the fat over this. We've worked very hard for our customers, partners and suppliers over the years but this time we're doing this for us. If you are someone who wants to learn about our story and endeavours for a real purpose then you can get in touch with us via email.

What are you up to now?
We are focussing on our own brand of hardware that's already disrupting the rugged market in a big way, you can click here and check us out. We're also cutting code where we're focussing on some really cool Android and IOS based apps and products. We're 3D printing as always, getting into IOT and VR and trying to keep up with the world of technology. So, if you need rugged android hardware or some code cutting, come talk to us now, Watch this space though for everything else thats happening.

It has been a mad 10 years and I want to lastly thank you, our customers who have all brought something to the table for us. I wish you all the best of luck, and who knows we may be innovating, sharing, connecting and above all delivering together in the future.